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The Future of Office Spaces in Gurgaon: Trends to Watch

The Future of Office Spaces in Gurgaon: Trends to Watch

Workplaces are no longer the same. We wouldn't say it has become more sophisticated, but the patterns in the New Normal have altered. The terms mobile, collaborative, and remote work are well known, and the always-on culture is here to stay. Perhaps this is why flexible workspace supply is expected to expand with a bigger variety of end products than ever before as agile operators seek out new niche possibilities in the market. Furthermore, according to research, over 70% of employers will investigate remote and flexible working as a workforce priority. In Cyberhub Gurugram, office spaces have evolved from traditional cubicles to open co-working spaces. Here are some:

Trends to watch

Hybrid Model of Work: Since the commencement of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of people working from home has expanded tremendously, with the workforce experiencing both the benefits and drawbacks of the remote working model. Employees are now eager to return to a new and improved workplace that allows them to communicate while also keeping their safety in mind and allowing them flexibility in the workplace.

Role of Technology: Technology will be critical in providing a new "phygital" working experience that allows people to switch smoothly between onsite and distant locations. The use of technology-based interventions also helps to improve workplace safety measures, whose importance was highlighted following the epidemic. Robot receptionists, parking applications and services, smart meeting rooms, and wireless AV systems are fuelling the country's future growth of commercial office workspaces.

Evolving Office Design: Many firms are attempting to focus more on workspaces that emphasise team interaction for effective communication, and as a result, they are likely to rethink and repurpose office facilities for improved working conditions, increased creativity, and flexibility. Offices have evolved from the traditional concept of a traditional brick and mortar structure to a new, modern, and sustainable ecosystem that cares for you and your overall well-being, both physical and emotional.

Prestigious Locations: Companies looking for a flexible working model benefit from a premium address in a prestigious area that is closer to their residences or client offices. They can establish the company or team anywhere, at any time, with no overhead costs. This is a great solution for small firms or startups with remote teams who are eager to get back to work. Companies look for business centres and working spaces near metro stations in cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, and Bangalore.

Rent-Free Living This is a no-brainer. Working from an office or from home is possible with a flexible working paradigm. This eliminates the need to pay upfront rental expenses, which are frequently on the higher side when picking a conventional office space in premium locations, particularly in metro areas.

Business Continuity: In the New Normal, businesses prioritise business continuity above all else. They use a variety of methods to ensure that their personnel have the flexibility to work from anywhere. Flexible workspaces provide a variety of services, including a highly secure work environment with 24-hour access and high-speed internet with Wi-Fi, both of which are critical for business continuity.

Ready-to-Move: Flexible office space assist businesses in saving move-in time by handling everything from administration to maintenance to furniture. The best thing is that contracts are signed on the spot, and it is feasible to relocate to new workspaces on the same day.

There's no denying that coworking space is the most popular trend. It is, in fact, one of the fastest-growing divisions of the commercial real estate business. Opt for Altrade Business Centre for your office space. It provides organisations with the ideal workstation. It is the most luxuriously furnished business office space in Gurgaon. There is everything needed to decrease relocation downtime for enterprises wishing to accommodate their staff, from individual cabins to team offices with ergonomic furniture and cutting-edge conference spaces.

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