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Creative Ways to Utilize a Co-Working Space

Creative Ways to Utilize a Co-Working Space

Here are 10 creative ideas for coworking space events.

1. Demo days

Organize a day where entrepreneurs and individuals can showcase their work and solicit feedback from the coworking community. To organize a demo day.

2. Monthly classes

What education and training are required of your members? Accounting for small businesses? marketing on social media? speaking in public? Co-ordinate a series of monthly classes with a local authority (maybe even one of your members!).

3. Panel discussions

Participate in panel discussions on trending subjects like how to secure funding, how to scale, and even how to be effective when working remotely by inviting members of your coworking space and the larger community. By providing a calendar on your website that makes it simple to see or plan events, you can increase attendance and persuade others to host their own panels.

4. Daily morning standups

Daily standups are common practice in agile development organizations, but they are also becoming more popular in other business sectors. Team members can concentrate during meetings and receive feedback on their work throughout the day. Why not simply apply that concept to your entire space? A little early, start the coffee, and welcome your members to get a cup and share what's on their plates.

5. Weekly morning breakfasts

Breakfast and tech conversation should be included in the morning routine once a week to add some variety. Bring in a presenter, set out some refreshments, and watch your members swarm together. To attract potential new members and allow them to see your premises, you may even make the event accessible to the general public.

6. Early morning runs or yoga

Exercise is the best stimulant for the brain. Bring in a yoga instructor once a week, or plan a group run in the early morning hours.

7. Venture capitalist guest speakers

To discuss finance, invite a local venture capitalist to your coworking space. Don't forget to leave time at the conclusion for networking! It combines a coworking area with elements more often found in incubators, offering plenty of chances to network with investors who can help its member companies grow.

8. Bounce hours

On Fridays, participants form a circle and pass a ball back and forth. The person with the ball gets five minutes to pitch ideas to the other team members. Not only is it a fantastic way for your members to get to know one another, but it might also inspire some fresh coworking partnerships!

9. Food truck extravaganzas

Plan a weekly lunch outing to check out the latest fad if food trucks have taken over your city or if they just appear on a particular day close to where you work.

10. Leadership workshops

To give your members access to leadership workshops, collaborate with a nearby leadership consultant.

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